Our Suppliers

As a company we now follow a strict policy regarding the purchase of materials. This has evolved from our own experience of using suppliers as well as an understanding of what our customers need and expect from the products we supply.

We demand from our suppliers:

  • That products perform to specification
  • Availability and continuity of supply
  • Design and technical support for us, and our client
  • Guarantees for their product
  • Proven track record and that they can achieve what they claim 

Fortunately we are in a somewhat unique position for an independent roofing contractor, in having direct accounts with the majority of major tile and slate manufacturers in the country, a sample we list below:

Redland Roof Tile - A major contracting account holder

Marley/ Eternit Roof Tiles - A major contracting account holder

Marley/Eternit Clay Tiles - A major contracting account holder

Marley/ Eternit Slates - A major contracting account

Sandtoft Tiles - A major contracting account holder

Russell Roof Tiles - A major contracting account holder

Forticrete Roofing Products- A major contracting account holder

Penrhyn Welsh Natural Slates - Approved Contractor


The fact that we are able to work as closely with the above suppliers not only helps us as contractors, but more importantly our customers, who can grow to trust the competitiveness of our price, and the quality of information and detail they receive about products specified on their contracts.

We feel that a number of our competitors who do not have such direct arrangements, and deal through merchants, often suffer because although the "middle men" understand the construction industry, some of the advice they give regarding this is often misleading, although well intended.

As a direct result of our policy we can confidently offer the following:

  • Choice of material
  • Competitive pricing
  • The option to offer alternatives to meet specific budgets of delivery dates
  • Technical back up from the manufacturer

Manufacturers guarantees
All of this means that our customers have peace of mind knowing that the product being used has been chosen for all the right reasons.